Blake Hall wedding photographer

Well, this was a year none of us ever imagined happening eh? 2020 was, let’s be honest, a complete pile of dog poo (and that is putting it nicely). Frank Sinatra once told us “that’s life” which is pretty relevant for 2020.  So, for me personally it was a great time to study, practice and give my absolute all to any couples who went ahead with their wedding. I have always been a firm believer that you can have the best time with the smallest amount of people. Just surround yourself with the most important loved ones and you will make the best memories.

That is exactly what Paula & Steve did. Not once, but twice we had to postpone the wedding. Being happy with 30 people then becomes 15 people. As you can see, it was problem after problem. But this did not stop them having the best day at Blake Hall. Surrounded by loved ones (even their beloved dog) we made beautiful memories during this covid wedding. The intimacy of just 15 people you really can not beat in my opinion.

2020 has been so painful for us all. So I had the absolute honour of being their wedding photographer at Blake Hall. So many times I honestly thought it would not happen. But we got there in the end and I can not look forward to the wedding reception in 2021.

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If you are still looking for a Blake Hall wedding photographer I would love to chat and discuss your plans.


Blake Hall wedding photographer by Jude photography. I am an Essex documentary & creative wedding photographer that covers the UK and destination weddings. I specialise in natural, documentary wedding photography. Photojournalism wedding photography that focuses on the people, emotions, laughter and love. The real moments of a wedding day captured in a reportage, fun style.
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