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Destination Wedding Photographer

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Getting the first taste of destination weddings when I shot an amazing wedding in Ibiza, I can honestly say it is now something I want much more of. More than cheesy chips and doner meat (don’t knock it until you try it). 2020 was meant to bring me a Portugal wedding but Covid-19 had other ideas and these plans were scrapped.

2021 however, looks bright with the Portugal wedding re-booked and fingers crossed a few more overseas weddings in the book. As a destination wedding photographer I get to travel the world. This is something that my wife and I have always done since we met 12 years ago.

Natural wedding photographer Cornwall
Destination Wedding Photographer

The Journey

Jude Photography

Since becoming a destination wedding photographer I have had the absolute pleasure of shooting weddings all over Europe. Arriving 1-2 days before the wedding, I use this time to meet up with you (if you want to of course). Maybe a little pre-shoot? Hanging out with everyone and even the post wedding BBQ. I will fit right in with everyone, no different to any other guest. Before you know it, I will be part of the family.

Just let me know your plans and if you are going out for drinks with everyone; I would love to come along. It’s a great way to get to know everyone in advance of the big day and I can also document this with my camera. Days before the wedding is still such an important part of your story where I am sure you will all be getting a bit drunk. So let me be the guy who takes photos of the drunken karaoke nights (I promise I won’t post any on social media).

Ibiza wedding
Ibiza wedding

Destination Wedding Photographer Package

Jude Photography


My full day is unlimited coverage even for UK weddings. Destination weddings can get kind of crazy which I bloody love. So, the hours are basically until you call it a night. Ibiza I was there until 3am and the dance floor was still packed. I love it so I am staying with you. No extra charge.

£1500 is for everything. That’s it. I will fund my own food, drink and of course the flights and hotel (I am a big boy now). You have your own planning to get on with so you don’t need to be sorting out my accommodation and flights.

*Applicable to all European destinations. Rest of world is subject to additional expenses.

Destination Wedding Photographer


\"Gary is really talented and has amazing creative vision. He has a real skill for capturing raw emotion with his natural style of photography and we are so grateful for all the beautiful moments and incredible memories from our wedding day which he has produced into a collection of photographs that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for the perfect wedding photographer.\"




Destination Wedding Photographer Conclusion

It is easy to say that being a destination wedding photographer is a real honour. Traveling the world with my camera and then documenting a wedding is pretty special. The destination could be the couples most memorable place.

For example, it could be where the proposal took place. To then be a part of this wonderful day is truly an amazing experience. Full of laughter, hugs and dancing under the stars until the next morning. Does it get much better than this? It’s hard to disagree.

After it’s all over, it’s time to sit back with a glass of red and re-live the day. This is why photos are so important to us as humans. For instance, how would we show our grandchildren this experience? Above all, this reason alone makes destination wedding photography so important.


Documentary & Creative Wedding Photography by Gary Jude

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Destination wedding photographer by Jude photography. I am an Essex documentary wedding photographer that covers the UK and destination weddings. I specialise in creative, natural, documentary wedding photography. Photojournalism wedding photography that focuses on the people, emotions, laughter and love. The real moments of a wedding day.