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My Approach

I always find it really hard to describe my style when asked. If asked on the spot, the first words that come to my mind is Documentary wedding photographer. Not that this is not true, but there are so many descriptions to describe my style. Documentary wedding photographer, wedding photojournalism, natural and candid are the words you will see floating around on Google.

I shoot a wedding like telling a story. No setting up or asking guests, make up artists to stand in a certain spot. I arrive on the day and blend in with the guests so I can capture natural, candid moments. This is what I love and I would hate the feeling of directing people. I just want you all to enjoy the day as it is. Surely, that’s what weddings are all about?


Group Photos

A Documentary wedding photographer would not usually do the whole group shot or couple portraits for a start. Well, I still give my couples the option to have this but in a much more simple way. Group shots, for example, I really don’t want you guys to be standing around for 60 minutes while I give directions and bark orders (this really is not me). I usually say just have 15 minutes of some ‘traditional photos’ with your parents, grandparents and bridal party. This is much more fun and you still get the important shots.

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Non Posed Couple Photos

With regards to the ‘couple portraits’ this is more about you guys going for a walk, chatting about that day while I capture natural, candid moments. I will not be getting you to make awkward poses. I am driven by the natural light and surrounding landscape to make a creative frame. The most I will ask is for you guys to stand in a certain spot due to light and backdrop. That’s it. No awkward, cheesy posing with me thank you very much. I always say to couples use this part of the day to have a chat. Not that it’s a bad thing, but the rest of the day will be chatting to all your family and friends (I know this from my own experience) So you do not need me to tell you not to be you. That would be a bit strange.

Wedding Details

I still take photos of all the details of your day. A documentary wedding photographer can still capture this for you. This is a huge part of your wedding as you have taken so much time planning it. I will take creative photos to carry on telling the story the way it was. I am always trying to tell a story and filling the frame with as much going on as I can.

Natural Light

I use just natural light for the whole day right up until the dance floor. Being a documentary wedding photographer and firing a flash all day would not be very candid would it? It also helps keep the mood of the venue that is set so you can both to look at your photos and see it the way it was created.

I am always looking for the best light to position myself and then searching that next best moment. Wedding photojournalism gives me the freedom to explore and blend in with your loved ones and make them feel comfortable. The last thing I would want is to make your family and friends feel uncomfortable.

Always Moving & Looking For The Next Real Moment

Being a documentary wedding photographer I just can’t stand still and wait for something to happen. I feel I owe it to the couples who book me to work my a** off (it makes for a very good cardio burn anyway). I just love to constantly be on the move, getting in close with guests to hear the jokes and laughs. This always results in very candid, unscripted raw moments.

Capturing them natural, non posed real moments is what makes documentary wedding photography the best of styles in my opinion. I want to constantly be story telling in a photojournalism approach to deliver real moments of your loved ones.

Documentary wedding photographer


THE DANCE FLOOR! I love the dance floor. This part of the day can really capture them natural, unscripted moments (with help of some tequila of course) This is when my flashes come out to capture some creative frames. Still approaching this in a wedding photojournalism way, I just let you and your guests go crazy while I jump in and out to capture the candid, fun moments.

I just like to approach this as a guest, enjoying the music (I love my music so you may see me dancing a little bit) with loved ones but having the honour in documenting every second. It’s moments like this that make being a documentary wedding photographer stand out. Just letting people be themselves is what makes a photo beautiful (yes, this does sound a bit cheesy, but it’s true).

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I really did not want to type this much and you will notice the rest of my site has much shorter text. But when speaking about something I have so much passion for I do tend to go on. An honest conclusion, however, would be that my style is so simple. I arrive on your wedding day and search for real moments. That’s it. It really is straight forward but what makes me go that extra mile is searching for more ways to make a frame creative. Trying to get in close so the photo makes you feel like you was there.

Documentary wedding photography really does raise your adrenaline but that’s why I love it. The not knowing aspect of what is going to happen next and that feeling when you capture an emotional moment between Father and Daughter. I cant’ get enough of being a documentary wedding photographer and always come away with a buzz. The unscripted, non posed, candid moments become an obsession and I just want more and more.

Documentary wedding photographer

If you would like to see more of my work you can by clicking here. You will see lots of images from my Essex weddings and destination weddings.


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