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Candid Wedding Photographer In Essex

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Hi there!! My name is Gary and I am a candid wedding photographer in Essex that stays until the party ends.

Yes, it’s a long day but you will need a witness when you and your loved ones have had one too many. Music is a big part of my life so go mad and bloody enjoy every second. You deserve it!

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Just Be Yourself!

Jude Photography

My approach is 100% candid and natural. To be honest, a lot of the time you won’t even know I am there. Weddings are all about fun so the last thing you need is someone barking orders. Always be yourself and enjoy every moment of your big day.

Unstaged Real Moments

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Always staying close to observe what will happen next I can capture candid moments. Directing people is really not for me and I hope you feel the same of course. Apart from the group shots (you should still have group shots solely for your parents and grandparents prized photo above their fire place. They will thank you and even me) I just let the day roll.

No directing, no posing. To me, the best photos are unstaged . Photos should show a moment that you, your family and friends find important.

Candid Wedding Photographer Essex
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Unposed Bride & Groom Photos

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Couple portraits I still approach this with no directing or posing. This is the time for you both to get away, have some peace and quiet and catch up. I will just get you to stand in the most flattering light and that’s it. No cheesy posing or awkward silence.

We can all have a bit of fun and I will just talk to you both like I would with my wife (not the bedroom talk of course so don’t panic). The natural looking photos will then follow and you can share them proudly on Insta darling!

What The People Say

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Couple testimonials are so important and will also give you an idea of the person I am (promise I did not pay for them). You can read some of them here.

Want a more in depth write up of how I approach weddings? Lovely stuff. You can find out why I became a candid wedding photographer in Essex and why I love it.

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Documentary & Creative Wedding Photography by Gary Jude

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Candid wedding photographer in Essex by Jude photography. I am an Essex documentary wedding photographer that covers the UK and destination weddings. I specialise in creative, natural, documentary wedding photography. Photojournalism wedding photography that focuses on the people, emotions, laughter and love. The real moments of a wedding day.