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Fun Wedding Photographer

Jude Photography

Weddings, in my opinion, should all be about the fun. Of course, we have moments where there will be tears and emotional aspects. But for most of the day, it should be about you, your family and friends having fun. Approaching the day as a fun wedding photographer helps for all of this I feel.

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Be Yourself

Jude Photography

Being a fun wedding photographer helps for so many parts of the day. Bridal prep, for example, is such an important part of your day. It is the time you get just with your girls which I am sure you will want to relax and have some fun.

To make this happen, you would not want some photographer turning up asking you all to be something completely different to what you are. For this reason, you will not see me getting you all to pose. Just be yourself and enjoy the morning. Please don’t hold back with any jokes. I love a good joke and will be chatting away with you all whilst capturing natural moments.


Have Fun With Your Loved Ones

Jude Photography

After the ceremony, it’s time to catch up with all of your guests who had the honour of being invited to the full day. This is the time to hug, kiss and have a drink with them. Surrounded by big smiles and laughter, I will stay close like one of your guests and capture the fun.

As I like to dress as one of your guests, this helps with blending in so people actually do not realise I am the photographer. This leads to people being themselves which is exactly what you want.

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Natural, Fun Couple Time Photos

Jude Photography

To me, your wedding photos should be fun with me capturing your real personality. I don’t really understand wedding photos that look staged and make you look moody and unhappy. The awkwardness shines through in these posed images for me.

Use this part to have some time alone (with me third-wheeling of course) catching up on everything that has happened so far. You will have plenty of stories to reflect on from the day so far that I am sure will make you smile. You can always just point and laugh at me. This is absolutely fine. If it makes for lovely photos then I am down for this.

I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor

Jude Photography

So, as you can see, I am a fun wedding photographer that looks for, well…… fun. But a big factor in capturing the fun of a wedding day is the dance floor. You won’t see me leaving after the first dance because of this.

In fact, you will even see me dancing around with you all enjoying every moment. By doing this, I can stay close, feel the sweat, taste the beer and capture candid moments. This is what I am all about and I love it.

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Fun Wedding Photographer

So, hopefully you can see I am all about the fun of a wedding day. It would be quite strange if there wasn’t any fun as to me, weddings are the happiest day of your life. But I would say it helps that I am a fun person so I am drawn to people of the same nature.


Documentary & Creative Wedding Photography by Gary Jude

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Fun wedding photographer by Jude photography. I am an Essex documentary wedding photographer that covers the UK and destination weddings. I specialise in creative, natural, documentary wedding photography. Photojournalism wedding photography that focuses on the people, emotions, laughter and love. The real moments of a wedding day.