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Natural Wedding Photography In Essex

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Many words are now used to describe a wedding photographers approach. This can often leave yourself a bit confused. You will see phrases used like documentary, candid and natural.

To be honest, they are all the same. But it usually comes down to the most popular used word on google. I approach every Essex wedding with natural photography. Nothing staged or scripted.

A photo that shows 100% emotion and character of your personality is the drive behind my passion. This is why I shoot natural wedding photography. To produce a set of images that shows your story.

Documentary wedding photographer uk
Documentary wedding photographer

Observing With No Interruptions

Jude Photography

Some of the kindest comments I get is how unobtrusive I am. They felt like I was not even there. But in a good way of course. Letting family and friends be themselves is so important to my approach. The images need to show your connection and I am there, as your witness to produce this.

I like to stay close to the action. Observing every detail of laughter and love between people. This helps produce an image to make you feel like you was there. But most importantly, you and your guests will forgot I am the hired photographer.

There is something special about natural wedding photography and what it can achieve. The essence to produce the love between Father & Daughter is priceless. By being the observer with no interruptions this can only be achieved.

Staying consistent to Natural Wedding Photography

Jude Photography

Apart from the 15 minute group shot request, staying consistent to the natural wedding photography approach for all my Essex weddings is so important.

Your wedding images need to show everything about you. Your character and any of your quirky charm. Even for the couple time photos. There is no awkward posing and asking you to say cheese. The images always need to show the real you and not my direction.

It is so important for you to feel comfortable. It’s your wedding day after all! Feeling amazing with myself being present needs to happen from start to finish.


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Fun, Laughter and Love

Jude Photography

The words that sum up myself as a person if I am honest. But also the words that sum up a typical wedding. This is such an important day so you need to have fun. All them months (even years) of planning. This is the time to enjoy yourself. So go crazy and look forward to seeing what was captured.

A Wedding photojournalist is there to document all of this for you. When you look back in years to come, you want to witness the day how it was. Not remembering what the photographer asked you to do.

Let the day flow how it is meant to. Completely natural like it should be. This is your wedding day. So have fun and cry as much as you like.

Finishing The Night In Style

Jude Photography

So the dance floor can get a bit messy. But I like that. So you will not see me packing up after the first dance. The wedding does not finish here so why would I leave? To be honest, this is when some of the best natural wedding photography can be captured.

Jumping around with you and your guests getting close to the action is what I am all about. Creative dance floor shots can then be achieved. Feeling the sweat and tears (this is very true) we can capture them final moments of what was an unforgettable wedding.

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Natural wedding Photography In Essex

Hopefully you can see what I am all about. Nothing but pure natural wedding photography. To put simple, story telling through wedding photos. Each wedding should always be different as I do not direct. Which is why I love this approach.

Being discreet and people watching is a skill in itself. It is a skill I learned from street photography. But now taken into weddings makes every wedding so enjoyable.

Head over to my about me page to find out a bit more. If you would like a chat you can head over to the contact page. Always here to answer any questions.


Documentary & Creative Wedding Photography by Gary Jude

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