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Documentary Wedding Photography in Cornwall

Jude Photography

Hi there. My name is Gary and I am the proud owner of Jude Photography. I cover documentary wedding photography in Cornwall and the UK. I also cover destination weddings which you can read more about here. Being the only member of the team means I get to play my favourite music, as loud as I wish in the office! If you love The Beatles then we will get along just fine.

I first started taking photos on my travels of the world when I realised I loved documenting people. The art of not posing people and just letting them be them became my passion. If I am being completely honest, I would not have half the passion for this job if natural, candid photography did not exist.

bude natural wedding photographer

Let's Have Some Fun

Jude Photography

Weddings are all about you, your family and friends having fun. I thrive on capturing everyone just being themselves. So you will never see me asking people to stage anything. This is your wedding day. Have fun, go crazy and let me document the story the way it happened.

documentary wedding photography Cornwall
documentary wedding photography Cornwall

I Promise I won't Make You Say Cheese

Jude Photography

The stereotypical wedding portraits that make us cringe. Good job I do not approach your photos like this. But I still believe you need some photos of just the two of you. You will both look amazing so milk it as much as you like. It’s your day after all.

With the right location and ideally the best time of day in regards to light, we will head out for no more than 30 minutes. I actually like to split this into 2 windows so 2 x 15 minute sessions. This is the time to catch up on your day and have some time alone.

I will capture natural moments between you both and maybe try and make you laugh with some jokes. I can’t promise they will be that funny but just pretend to find them funny please.

bude natural wedding photographer
Documentary Wedding Photographer

I Am Always Watching (In A Good Way Of Course)

Jude Photography

A wedding day brings so much love and fun between people. It’s a day where you can have a good old drink with everyone you love, hug and kiss them and dance without being judged. Now that is a party I want to be invited to.

The Bride and Groom are of course the most important part of the day. But your guests are also very important. They help create your story. So I cover weddings with a photo-journalistic approach. Capturing guests having the best day ever. To be honest, most people will forget I am the hired supplier.



I Stay Until The Party Ends.....Simple

Jude Photography

This, to me, is a huge part of the day. Maybe the most important part in terms of people being people. I love it so this is why I stay until the party ends. Go hard or go home like they say.

There is so much of a story to tell on that sweaty dance floor. Dance offs. A few snogs. Lots of tequila. I want to document all these priceless natural moments. The real moments of people doing what they love.

Documentary wedding photographer uk
Documentary Wedding Photography In Cornwall

To summarize my style, it’s pretty simple to be honest. I blend in with guests, capturing unposed, natural moments. Of course, I always try to make a photo as creative as I seem fit. But the moments are what move me. The intimate photo that makes you feel like you were there. The tears and smiles of people celebrating.

I like to take photos as if I were telling a story. I feel it is so important for you, when receiving the photos, that they take you back to how you felt at that exact moment. Other moments, you might have missed and my aim is to show you. You can’t be everywhere so let me be your witness and supply as many images to help you relive the whole day over and over again.

If you would like a chat please reach out to me. We can chat about your wedding plans, love for the Cornish Coast and of course Cornish ales.


Documentary & Creative Wedding Photography by Gary Jude

Bude Cornwall wedding photographer

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Documentary wedding photography in Cornwall by Jude photography. I am a Bude Cornwall documentary wedding photographer that covers the UK and destination weddings. I specialise in creative, natural, documentary wedding photography. Photojournalism wedding photography that focuses on the people, emotions, laughter and love. The real moments of a wedding day.