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Unposed wedding photography


Over the last 5 years, myself and my Wife Natalie visited lot’s of interesting places. As a result, this is where my love grew for street photography. I could not wait to capture the next real moment. With this in mind, unposed wedding photography is no different to this.

A moment between a shop owner and a customer, for example, would keep me wanting more. Sightseeing became my hobby, but documenting the story of what I could see made it my favourite hobby.

Where the love begun


Returning from each holiday, I could not wait to upload my images to the big screen. I would then witness other interesting moments. This made for an even bigger love for documentary style photography and I began to wonder “surely unposed wedding photography is a thing”. With this in mind, I begun my research.

After googling keywords such as natural wedding photos, I started to see all these breathtaking unposed wedding photography styles. Without a doubt, this is where I wanted to take my business. 

Unposed wedding photography
Bude wedding photographer

Unposed couple photos (portraits)


Like a lot of wedding photographers, I started off in this industry by becoming an assistant for another local photographer. The experience I gained was second to none. But it also got me thinking about the bride and groom portraits.

For instance, witnessing the wedding portraits. The posed traditional photos was certainly not for me. Not that the portraits did not look beautiful (far from it) however, this was not for me. I still wanted the unposed approach in wedding photography. To capture a couple having some fun and chatting about their day was the most important thing to me.

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No cheese please


So with regards to the standard cheesy, 90’s posed bride and groom photos this does not go down with me. The first thing I look for is good light and a nice backdrop/foreground to create a composition. After this, I just ask my couples to go for a walk in the scene set. Creative, natural moments are then captured. For this reason, you are more relaxed which is so important.

I like to speak with my couples and find this a nice way to chat about the day so far. This creates some fun and laughter (sometimes emotional moments) that I shoot through to capture natural shots.

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It's your day, so have FUN!


Overall, your wedding day should be about having fun. You really do not need some guy with a camera posing you in cheesy, awkward positions that really are not you. It’s not me so why would I put you through it?

Use this time to catch up. For example, the morning antics with friends. That first look with your Dad which as a result ended in tears. How you can not wait for the evening, in other words, have a good drink. There is so much to talk about and reflect on. For instance, the first dance. How you are both nervous and at the same time, excited for it. Above all, there is so much to talk about and produce natural photos.

Below, is more unposed wedding photography examples from couple time along with a conclusion of unposed wedding photography.

Unposed wedding photography

Unposed wedding photography, to me, is a style of photography that is completely natural. The photographer does not touch the scene or adjust it. This results in the subjects becoming more comfortable which then leads to more natural photos.

There are many reasons why I use this method. Above all, it showcases the real you. Your wedding photos should show this surely?

Therefore, I will always use this method. Firstly, because this is what I enjoy. Secondly, my couples that hire me love the results. Certainly, this is the most important aspect?

Unposed wedding photography will always stand the test of time. It does not rely on what is popular at the time. For instance, your Mum crying during your first dance will always remain important. Your best friend delivering an unforgettable speech being another example.

In conclusion, unposed wedding photography is what I am all about. I love to photograph people. However, they must be comfortable. In other words, not made to feel like they do not want to be present. So, I use this approach for the entire wedding day.


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